What this Premed is Doing During Her Christmas Break

Hello, Premeds!

I am back again from an extremely busy semester of learning, volunteering, and conducting research at my local hospital. If you haven’t been following my twitter feed, I did announce that I have finally been published for my research with a psychiatric physician. I was so proud and honoured as it is a huge accomplishment to get published during undergrad. So, if you have been following my research blog posts, there is a happy ending to all of that hard work! Yay!

Finally, I have commenced my very much needed Winter Break! I do have plans to work, volunteer, and have some fun… But I am also using this free time to prepare for potential medical school interviews. I will write a full blog post on how I prepared for interviews (if I indeed get one), but for now I am just going to share what I am doing during the holiday break.

I bought some awesome books a while back because I love reading, especially medical books, and they are perfect for any premed looking to prepare for interviews or the CASPer exam that some medical schools require. I have read these books before, but I want to read them again and really focus on the tips the give premeds. The information covers everything from MCAT prep and GPA to ethical situations and interview skills. Since I am particularly looking to brush up on my medical ethics knowledge and interview skills, I am just going to glance over the other information. This time, I am also going to write down some personal notes that I can look back on to refresh my memory in the future. I think this will really help me for potential interviews and keep me sharp on ethical topics.

I did do a blog post last year on, which include some of these books and others that are amazing, but I am also going to list the specific books I am reading during my break below:

  • Medical School Essays that Made a Difference
  • Doing Right
  • Getting into Medical School: The Premedical Student’s Guidebook
  • The Art of Medicine: Healing and the Limits of Technology

These are the four books I will be reading in preparation for potential interviews from the medical schools I applied to. I will be starting off with Doing Right since it specifically deals with ethics, and I know that is a common theme seen in interview questions or scenarios. I hope to get through them all during my break!

I hope this post helps you all with preparation for interviews or even CASPer exams. Let me know how you guys prepared for interviews! I would love to hear all about your tips and tricks!

Happy Holidays!

Pink and Premed


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